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Lisa Completely Biodegradable Handmade Urn

Inspired by Zen culture, the Lisa biodegradable urn has been designed to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly burials, both at sea and in the ground. This beautifully simplistic urn is manufactured from a paper based cellulose material on a cotton frame with wooden snaps and cardboard stabilizing rings, so it is one hundred percent biodegradable and it will place no burden on the environment whatsoever.

From the earliest days of civilization, in many different cultures, death has always been viewed as a rebirth, and the oblique shape of the Lisa urn, which resembles shells, pebbles, grains, shrouds, and the womb, represents oneness with nature and the beginning of a new life.

The urn, which comes in white or black. The Lisa Biodegradable Urn is larger than most standard urns on the market. It has a capacity of up to 5 liters of ashes and it measures 35 cm, by 45 cm, by 25 cm. The size of the urn has been precisely calculated to ensure that it will stay afloat during a burial at sea for approximately fifteen minutes, to allow time for final farewells and any ceremonies that you might like to perform. The wooden frame the urn sits on is included. 

For anyone who has lived their life in as an environmentally friendly way as they can, it is only fitting that they make as little impact on the ecosystems of the planet in death as they did in life, and a burial at sea in an eco-friendly, biodegradable  Lisa urn is the perfect way to achieve that. The Lisa Biodegradable Urn is a unique urn that allows people to return to the earth from which they were born, leaving no damaging environmental footprint at all.

This item is made to order- please allow 7-8 working days delivery.(UK)

Product Details:

Size: 48cm x 36cm x 24cm

Size: 18" x 14" x 9"

Capabilty 5 L  (305 cubic inches)


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