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Clock -Genuine Natural  Marble Cremation Ashes Urn For Adult(ST-8) - unique.urns_caskets


Clock -Genuine Natural Marble Cremation Ashes Urn For Adult Stone casket (ST-8)

£135.00 £180.00

Beautiful stone ashes casket  clock natural  Marble  .

This unique cremation urn is made from 100% natural marble. The urn opens from the bottom to insert the cremains. Solid surface composite is a blend of natural minerals buffed and polished to create a rich satin finish. In the hands of fine craftsman, stone urns can be shaped into very beautiful and unique designs. Our urn offer a permanent and solid form of memorialization.

Suitable for display in any home,setting.

Product Details:

Size: 23(W)cm x 30cm(H) x 18cm(D)

Size: 9"(W) x 11.8"(H) x 7"(D)

Capabilty 4 Liters   (244 cubic inches)

Weight: 8kg

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Marble is a natural product no two urns are the same so stone structure may vary from photo.

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