When two people were in love in life, it is often appropriate that they stay together in death. Companion urns are large urns for ashes that provide a resting place where the remains of two people can be laid side by side or commingled. Our range of handcrafted companion urns for two people is a lovely way to reunite a couple who cared deeply for one another. A place where they can rest in peace together. We have a wide range of designs that range from modern artistic urns for ashes to the more traditional style ashes caskets.

All our cremation urns are finished to the highest standard. We understand how important to you a cremation urn is, so we take every care in crafting our urns. Ashes in companion urns can be kept side by side or commingled. How you choose to intern the ashes in the urn will depend on the wishes of the couple and your religious beliefs. Some religions do have guidelines on how ashes should be kept.

We hope that our companion urns provide a fitting memorial for the people that you cared about. Companion urns provide a lovely way to honour the memory of two people who were special to each other. If you would like any help choosing a suitable companion urn, please do get in touch. We will do all we can to be of assistance at this difficult time.

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