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We understand how important it is for you to find a beautiful cremation urn that is just right for someone you have just lost. It is really frustrating when you do not find an urn that is appropriate for someone who was not only very special in your life but one who you also loved too much. We specialize in cremation urns and we have a huge variety of these urns to meet the requirements of all those who need to memorialize the personality of someone important and close in their lives. We take great care in preparing urns for ashes to make sure they are not just good looking and unique but also high quality to last for a lifetime.

 The urns we make are unique and not copied from any other source. Our unique urns come in a bewildering variety so as to allow our customers to easily finalize one that suits their personality and personal liking.  We know that most people look for artistic urns that can be kept as showpieces in prominent places inside their homes. We understand their display needs and come up with shapes and designs that are visually appealing and compel the visitors to take notice of these beautiful artifacts. For the convenience of our esteemed clients, we have broken down our wide range of cremation urns on the basis of the material used for making these vessels. This allows the customers to easily carry out their searches for a perfect urn that meets their requirements.

The names of the categories of urns on display on our website are self explaining in the sense that you know what you are going to encounter inside a particular category. For example, You can look for artistic urns in a category titled Artistic  Urns. We also have metal urns, ceramic urns, stone urns ,biodegradable urns, exclusive  glass urns, aluminum urns, and wood urns to suit the liking of all our customers. We also have a separate category of Custom urns - this means that you can have any design that you want. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can contact us for customized urns that are made according to your specific instructions.

 We know how much people love their pets and how much they long for them once they pass away. We make special pet urns for our customers that contain a casket and the statue of the dog, cat, bird or any other pet that the client may have earlier. Our custom pet urns are made according to the breed of the dog or the cat that once lived in the home of the customer. Our collection of exclusive urns is made to satisfy the needs of our customers. They are created by skilled craftsman with the aim to come up with a vessel that provides memories for a lifetime.  

Commencing from 1st January 2023, all orders are going to be realized from Poland, where our production plant is located and where Gregspol LTD, acting under the name of Remember Forever, has its registered office.

Our decision is caused by the Great Britain’s exit from the European Union and related limitations and restrictions, which we have to face. This is why we decided to move our business to the European Union especially that he majority of our clients are from EU member states.

We are sorry for every inconvenience caused and we promise to make every effort in order to supply the ordered goods within the declared deadline and to provide highest level services as we have been doing to date.

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