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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I decide what size cremation urn is right for my needs?

Generally, the crematorium will return the ashes of the deceased in a temporary container. Depending upon the amount of ashes you can choose the correct size of urn. In the market, you can find different size of cremation urns where you can store the remains of both humans as well as pets.Follow these simple rules of thumb to determine the size urn you need:

  • 1 lb. of body weight will yield just less than 1 cubic inch of ash. Assume for shopping purposes that:
    1 pound body weight = 1 cubic inch ash.
  • Cremation urn item descriptions list the size of the urn in Cubic Inches. If you know the weight of the deceased - then you know the size of the urn you need. Approx Weight = Approx Size.
  • Easy example: A cremated 100 pound person will yield almost 100 cubic inches of ashes. So, if 1 pound = 1 cubic inch then this person would need an urn that is about 80-100 cubic inches.
  • 1liter = 61 cubic inches

General size rule :

  • a 240 lb.(108.8kg) person needs an urn that is 200 cubic inches or larger
  • a 200 lb.(90.7kg) person needs an urn that is 180 cubic inches or larger
  • a 150 lb.(68kg) person needs an urn that is 130 cubic inches or larger
  • a 100 lb.(45kg) person or pet needs an urn that is 80 cubic inches or larger
  • a 50 lb.(22.6kg) person or pet needs an urn that is about 40 cubic inches or larger
  • a 25 lb.(11.3kg) person or pet needs an urn that is about 20 cubic inches or larger
  • a 10 lb.(4.5kg) or pet needs an urn that is about 8 cubic inches or larger
  • "Keepsake Urns" are typically 1-20 cubic inches are intended to hold a very small portion of ashes - not the full amount of a persons or pets ashes...just a small amount.

Urn sizing notes.

  • The 1 to 1 ratio of Weight to Cubic Inches will insure you purchase an urn that is the right size 99% of the time.
  • Also experts suggest purchasing an urn little larger in size than required to be on the safer side and to avoid having the urn which will be small for the ashes.
  • The amount of cremation ashes will also depend on different variables like the size of the skeletal, bone structure of the deceased, temperature variations used inside the cremation chamber, how long the ashes were there in the cremation chamber, and the level of processing done once the ashes are removed from the cremation chamber and so on.
  • 200 cubic inches is the industry standard for an adult urn, Keepsake Jewelry, Keepsake urns, Small and Medium Size Urns are exceptions.

How do I seal the urn ?

Once the remains are put in the urn if the remains will not be spread later then they can be sealed with a clear silicone or glue adhesive.



We understand how important it is for you to find a beautiful cremation urn that is just right for someone you have just lost. It is really frustrating when you do not find an urn that is appropriate for someone who was not only very special in your life but one who you also loved too much.Please contact us  for any questions regarding funeral urns, burial urn, cremation urns, pet urns,custom urns or outdoor urns.