Parting with a loyal horse is always difficult. Our sympathies are with you at this very difficult time. We hope that our range of beautiful, handcrafted horse urns provides a way for you to honour the memory of your trusted and much-loved companion.

Our horse cremation urns are handcrafted from the finest quality materials. We take every care in making the caskets because we know how important your horse was to you. We have a range of caskets for the ashes of a horse. Most are wooden caskets with a beautiful bronze horse statuette on top. There is a range of different bronze statuettes to reflect the various horse breeds. A horse urn makes a wonderful tribute to a horse. It will be a fitting resting place for a loyal friend. Horses hold a very special place in many people’s hearts. We hope that our horse urns go some way towards making your loss more bearable. Saying goodbye to a treasured companion is never easy. Our unique wooden caskets for horses cannot replace a horse, but they can keep the happy memories alive. If you need any assistance choosing a horse urn for your loyal friend, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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