It is terrifying to imagine the death of a relative or close friend, leave alone thinking about making arrangements for a funeral or a cremation. But it becomes necessary to think of disposal of the dead body according to the rituals and the customs permitted by the religion. If you have decided on cremation, you also have the option of keeping the ashes of the body in a decorative container called urn to hold on to the memories of the deceased individual. Here are 5 important questions to answer before buying cremation urns from the market.


  1. What size of urn should I buy?

Cremation urns are available in many different shapes and sizes and it is easy to feel overwhelmed when confronted with the choices. If you are the only one among the close relatives deciding to keep the ashes of the deceased individual, you can go for a bigger urn. But if the ashes are divided among a few relatives, it is beer to buy an urn that easily fits the place where you are going to keep it in your home. Cremation urns for adults are usually bigger than those made for the remains of babies.


  1. What should be the material of the urn?

If you are thinking of holding on to the ashes for lifelong, you can buy an urn that is metallic or even made of crystal. But if you have a plan to scatter the remains in a river or sea at some point of time in future, it is better to choose a material that is biodegradable in nature. If the remains are to be buried in earth later on, wood is the best option as it decomposes naturally in some time.


  1. How much should I pay for the urn?

Cremation urns are available in a bewildering price range that varies from as low as £20 and goes up to thousands of dollars depending upon the material and the decoration of the container. If you plan to bury the urn in future, go for a cheap urn. But if you want to keep the urn as cremation memorials for future generations, you can buy an expensive urn depending upon your budget.


  1. What should be the theme?

This is an important question to ask yourself if you are buying the urn as a memorial of the deceased person. You can choose the theme depending upon the personality of the deceased relative or friend. If he or she was fond of nature, you can buy an urn in the shape of an animal or sea creature. You can buy the urn in the shape of a musical instrument if the deceased was passionate about music. Cremation urns for pets can be in their shape to express your love for the animal.


  1. Do you intend to travel overseas with the urn?

This is an important question to ask yourself when buying the urn because metallic urns cannot be scanned by the authorities at the airport. If you plan to travel by air, make sure you buy urn made of wood or ceramic as both materials can be easily scanned during routine security check at domestic and international airports