Star Wars Cremation Urns were designed for those who are dedicated  Star Wars fans and would like to be buried in such an urn after death. There is a unique series of urns in the shape of the Death Star, Darth Vader and Master Yoda for people who love Star Wars fans. These are the  only urns of their kind on the market, they may seem a little eccentric, but for Star Wars fans, this will be the perfect resting place.

Death Star Urn, very well-known pop culture icon

Athough Death Star is not the main symbol of Star Wars,it is a recognisable motif of this film series. This urn, on the other hand, is a perfectly reproduced shape, made using the 3D Print technique. It has a threaded hole on the underside so that the ashes can be easily poured through. To make sure the ashes are safe, the thread can be sealed with an adhesive or silicone.

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Darth Vader Urn, the urn with an image of Imperator.

Is a Darth Vader image a good idea? After all, he is associated as a villain and a negative character.

Well, for the initiated, it is a symbol of transformation, of moving to the bright side of power. As in life. No man is only bad. There is always a bit of goodness in everyone, which at the right moment can be triumphant.

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Yoda Urn,the legendary Master Yoda

A powerful character who has always stood on the bright side of power. A wise and respectful master to all, with whom many are eager to identify.

There is a metal container for the ashes, with a screw-on opening to keep the ashes safe inside.

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Are Star Wars Cremation Urns not very controversial?

Each of us views death differently. Death always brings with it grief and sadness at the loss of a loved one, but some people are able to approach it with distance.

Star Wars fans are known for their love of all kinds of gadgets associated with their favourite characters. No one is surprised by everyday objects referring to the film. What may seem like a bizarre thing to other people, is completely normal for Star Wars fans.

There are no reasons against choosing to pour the ashes into a Star Wars Cremation Urn. Especially if the deceased person was a fan of the Star saga.


How are Star Wars cremation Urns made?

Star Wars Cremation Urns are made in two ways. Darth Vader urn and Yoda urn are both made so that there is a metal urn inside that serves as a container for the ashes. The whole thing is solidly joined together and looks beautiful as an element.

The Death Star Urn, on the other hand, is an urn made using 3d Print. It is a solid urn with thick walls, and made with the utmost care.

Star Wars Cremation Urns would certainly attract attention and generate interest, as few people expect it to be an urn. That is why we can hide the fact that it is an urn with ashes. The only people who will know about this fact will be those to whom we tell them.