Burial Alternatives UK

A little awkward question of what do with your body after death when it is no longer needed by you, normally leads people down the conventional route, cemetery Burial or cremation through the local undertakers. There’re several alternatives, most extremely practical, a few slightly bizarre, but whole potentially possible if that is what you wish. Traditional Burial is dying off, to be replaced by a several newer alternatives. Would every of those mention below appeal as on choice for your loves ones or yourself? If, so ask your local Funeral Director about the possible arrangements.

Home Burial:

Home burial works especially great when a property owned by the family of departed has a huge outdoor area, or if that person was tender of being in the garden. This will keep your loved ones close by and permit to look after the Burial area themselves, rather than trusting on the groundskeepers of a cemetery Burial. Once again it is vital to follow set guidelines when applying this method, so do your explore beforehand.


Feeing futurist? This is one to think a few years down the line. The procedure involves freeze drying a body applying the liquid Nitrogen; it’s then when broken-up, moisture is distiches and the dust is then sterilized. Not like cremation, you’ve the guarantee that the complete of the body will be get back via the ashes. This process is in limited in UK today, bit will perhaps take time to turn out to be more widespread.

Burial at Sea:

You’re possibly not aware that burial at sea is in fact a feasible choice now. Biodegradable Cremation Ashes Urn For Adult Water Burial At Sea, Lake or the RiverEveryone can do it, provided some rules have been adhered to, and a licensee has been agreed & pay for. Though, it is a complicated procedure to get whole this sorted and there’re, however just a few companies in the UK providing this kind of service. So it is vital to check the small print first before you think delving any more into this unusual Burial alternative.



Around 3 quarters of whole funerals in the Britain are now cremation. They can work out a little cheaper than a traditional Burial, especially as the funeral service can be held at the crematorium itself that is progressively famous in non religious families. Ashes of your loves ones will be ready for collection after a matter of some days, or you can inter them in any kind of cremation urn of casket of your choice. You do not require any quick decision about what to do with them and the ashes of your loved ones can be kept with us until you feel relax to make the right decision.

Eco-Friendly Burial:

For those who’re care about the atmosphere and their impact upon it, environment friendly burial is an idea option. Go green during burial by opting for a coffin build from biodegradable content, such as willow or bamboo. The funeral ceremony itself can take place within natural locations; conservations areas or woodland spaces are ideal locations for send off. Luckily, we’ve lot of natural spots like this around the UK, so this alternative is endless.


Mummification process has been around since 2’500 BC with; as I am sure you know it is origins in Ancient Egypt. Widely drying out around 35 BC around the time while the Romans took over, that was until Summum the planet’s lonely modern Mummification Company popped-up. Summum provide mummification services on a worldwide scale. Complete you need to do is to ask your Funeral Directors to contact them and your trip to modern day Mummy will start!